Apo Island Marine Sanctuary in Dumaguete

In Apo Island, Dumaguete, you’ll have the chance to see and swim with the majestic sea creatures called sea turtles or pawikan. Apo Island’s Marine Sanctuary will surely give you a different snorkeling and diving experience.

How to Go to Apo Island from Cebu City

From Cebu South Bus Terminal, ride a bus en route to Liloan Port. Then ride a ship going to Dumaguete. From there,¬†you’ll see parked jeepneys waiting for passengers. Ask the locals which jeepney to ride to Ceres Bus Terminal. Once you’re there, ride a bus via Bayawan and ask the driver to drop you at Malatapay Market. There, you’ll see boats for hire.

Usually, you can hire a boat for around 2,000 Pesos. We we’re able to get ours for 2,200 Pesos. Then, you’ll need to discuss with your guide about what time they’re going to pick you up or if you’re going to stay in the island overnight. Usually, they pick up the guests back at around 3 to 4PM because the waves get really big if you travel late in the afternoon.

Apo Island Expenses

1) 100 PHP – Environmental Fee
2) 300 PHP – Tour guide
3) 100 PHP – Snorkeling mask and tube
4) 100 PHP – Life jacket
5) 300 PHP – Table

Apo Island Marine Sanctuary

Even in the shallow part of the sea, you’ll already see them turtles!

We saw small and medium sized turtles and one really huge turtle.

Sea turtles are not the only thing we saw. We also saw Nemo’s family.

And these amazing corals took our breath away!

What NOT to Do

1) Touch the turtles
2) Feed them
3) Stand on the rocks in shallow parts of the sea because it might destroy them and the algae which serve as a food for the turtles

It’s sad to know that these wonderful creatures are now endangered and are continuously being hunted by poachers. So in our own little ways, let’s help save them even by just following the simple guides above.

2 thoughts on “Apo Island Marine Sanctuary in Dumaguete

  1. Leanne

    Saan po makakuha ng guide?
    Sino din po guide ninyo?
    How many persons po kayo jan sa 2200 na binayad ninyo for the boat?

    1. Author Post author

      You can get a guide in Apo Island. You will not have a problem getting a guide since tourism is their main source of income. The 2,200 is good for four persons.

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