Canigao Island in Matalom Leyte

Canigao Island is an islet located in the municipality of Matalom, Leyte. The island is home to┬ádiverse corals and fish since it has a sanctuary. It’s also easily accessible through passenger boats.

How to Go to Canigao Island

Canigao was our next destination after our trip to Cuatro Islas. So we stayed at Bato, Leyte. From there, there are tricycles going to Matalom. The fare is 12 Pesos per head. You can ask the driver to drop you at the area where there are passenger boats going to Canigao. The boat fare is 95 Pesos (back and forth).

This island closes every first and second week of July.

Canigao Island Matalom, Leyte

You can either rent a table for 100 Pesos or a tent at 300 Pesos. You can just buy food here since there are enough food choices here.

The island is nice but spoilt by the trash thrown by other tourists. The staff at Canigao tries to keep the place clean by not letting the people ride the boat back to the main island if they don’t bring their trash with them. Still,┬áthis doesn’t stop the people from throwing their trash everywhere.

Also, they need to have decent shower rooms and clean restrooms. They also don’t have rooms for changing clothes.

Canigao is home to a marine sanctuary but is off limits for swimming. So we just swam near it and saw lots of corals and fish.

I swear there were more corals and fish here but my cam’s battery just died early.

Even if Canigao Island is a bit cowded, it’s still a nice white sand beach to visit. It just needs more improvement like clean shower rooms and changing rooms. Tourists should also behave like grown adults and be responsible with their trash.

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