Kawasan Falls in Badian Cebu

Kawasan Falls in Badian, Cebu

Kawasan Falls in Badian, Cebu

Kawasan falls in Badian, the most popular falls in Cebu, has fresh, clean and really bluish water. It’s one of the most beautiful natural wonders in Cebu. One thing I liked about the place is its cleanliness. People there really protect their tourist spot so you will not see a single trash in the place. You’ll only see fish swimming in the crystal clear water.

TheΒ entrance fee is only 10 Pesos.

How to go to Kawasan Falls

How to Go to Kawasan

The Trail Going to Kawasan Falls

Go to Cebu South Bus Terminal and ride a bus going to Badian or Moalboal. Just inform the driver or the conductor to drop you in front ofΒ Matutinao Church. From there, you’ll meet some tour guides who can accompany you to Kawasan falls or help you carry your baggage. But sometimes, they become annoying because they force you to let them go with you even if you already know the way.

You can also rent a motorcycle. However, you can also just walk since the distance from the hi-way to Kawasan is just 1.5 kilometer. Just follow the trail and you won’t get lost. Moreover, you’ll be missing a lot of great views if you opt not to hike. It’s really fun to walk beside the blue river where you will see a lot of fish swimming.

Blue River - Kawasan Falls

Blue River with Beautiful Rock Formations

A lovely bridge over the river

A lovely bridge over the river

Kawasan consists of three-tiered cascading falls. The second and third falls can be reached by following the ladder trail that they created.

Kawasan - First Waterfall

The First Waterfall

Kawasan - Second Waterfall


Kawasan - Third Waterfall

Cascading Blue Water

Rock Formation over Blue Water

Rock Formation over Blue Water

Amenities & Facilities

a) Tables – A table with chairs and umbrella can be rented for 300 Pesos. The use of their bathroom will be free if you rent a table. There’s alsoΒ no corkage fee so you can bring your own food. They do sell food however it’s really not that delicious and a bit overpriced.

b) Wooden Raft – Wooden rafts can also be rented for 300 Pesos. If you rent one, they will take you to the falls and let you experience a “water massage”

c) Life Jacket – Useful for people who don’t know how to swim πŸ™‚ Life jacket rental is 50 Pesos.

If you wish to stay at Kawasan overnight, there are also rooms for rent. Room rates range from 1000 to around 3000 Pesos.

Overall Experience

Kawasan is definitely a place that I’ll visit again. Its really cold water is perfect for the summer! At first, I thought that I didn’t want to swim there. But when I reached the falls, I was really glad that I brought my swimming clothes. With a small amount of money, you can already enjoy amazing and natural views. Visiting Kawasan is really worth it.

Kawasan River

I really fell in love with this serene river

102 thoughts on “Kawasan Falls in Badian Cebu

    1. Author Post author

      Yes, it’s open for the public. I just went there last month and some of my friends just spent the holy week in Kawasan this year. πŸ™‚

    2. joy

      open nah ang kawasan just arrived today but dont bring car any vehicle kai pagka mahala sa parking fee 1hundred daghan nah ang napolis it should be corrected sa ato goberno an thats the time sad nga ang barangay o municipallity sa badian do work an control sad tawon sa parking fee oi.Palabi man sad gabaan man sad sa isakto later on anah.

  1. louella

    Hi Good Afternoon just wanna ask if kawasan falls is open everyday and if they got an opening and closing time….thanks…

    1. Author Post author

      Yes, the falls is open every day. There’s no opening and closing time. In fact, you can stay there overnight. πŸ™‚

    1. Author Post author

      The place is really nice and the water is really cold. It would be great if you could visit Kawasan this summer. πŸ™‚

  2. liezel

    Hi, we are planning to stay overnight in kawasan falls. Do you have a contact number for those who have rooms for rent there?

      1. Erika Ponce

        Hi! I was wondering if you’ve seen the rooms for guests to stay in? Is it nice? Do you recommend it? πŸ™‚ Btw, your site’s very helpful. Keep them coming πŸ˜‰

        1. Author Post author

          Hi Erika. Sorry but I haven’t really tried staying in one of the rooms. But there are two establishments there that’re offering rooms for rent.

      2. mhye acaya

        hi,ask ko lang po if magkno mggastos pag pmunta kmi next sumer..2 lag po kmi and 2 days….lapit po ba sa danao yn or oslob

        1. Author Post author

          Hi myhe, transportation fee from Cebu City is around 300 pesos back and forth. You can save money by bringing your own food since there’s no corkage fee.

    1. Author Post author

      From the main road, in front of Matutinao church again, you can wait for a bus that’s headed to Cebu City. πŸ™‚

        1. Author Post author

          There’s a parking lot in Matutinao Church but I’m not sure how much is the payment. You’ll need to leave your car there and hike going to Kawasan or hire a motorcycle.

    1. Author Post author

      Travel time is around 4 hours. You can also ride a V-hire at the South V-hire terminal.

    1. Author Post author

      The bus fare is around 130 pesos (non air-conditioned) from Cebu City to Matutinao Church and vice versa. So the total would be around 260 pesos.

    1. Author Post author

      Just wait in front of the church for buses headed to Cebu City. There are air-conditioned buses but most of the buses are non air-conditioned.

  3. Chato

    hello..may i know if it is accessible to go there with car?and how much is the entrance fee?do we need to make reservation first before heading our way?thanks

    1. Author Post author

      Hi Chato. They accept walk-in guests and the entrance fee is 10 pesos. You’ll need to leave your car in the parking lot at Matutinao’s Church because they don’t have a parking space in Kawasan. From the church, you can ride a motorcycle or just walk going to the falls. The distance is only around 1 kilometer.

  4. lirpz


    You should visit the first waterfalls… Malayo pa.. parang jacuzzi.. dapat n reach mo un.. I’m sure u’ll enjoy the view and the peaceful environment on the top of the falls.. πŸ™‚

    1. Author Post author

      Hi lirpz. Thanks for the tip. πŸ˜‰ And yes, I’ve seen photos of the first waterfalls from my friends. I’ll really visit it the next time I go to Kawasan. πŸ™‚

  5. marc

    hi madame,

    magandang umaga po.
    from oslob panu po kmi makakapunta ng kawasan falls? ilang oras po? commute po kmi.
    may entrance po b? if matuloy po kmi by sept.21.

    thank you.

    1. Author Post author

      Hi Marc. From Oslob, sakay kayo ng bus going to Cebu City sabihin niyo lang na sa Argao kay bababa. Tapos from Argao, sakay kayo ng papuntang Badian. Inform niyo lang din driver at konduktor na baba kayo sa Kawasan falls in front of Matutinao church. Approximately mga 2 hours ang biyahe. πŸ™‚

  6. marc

    we are looking for a great adventure…
    backpack lang po dala namin.
    san pa po kmi may magandang view po malapit sa oslob.
    sna po matulungan nyo po kmi..
    thank you.

    1. Author Post author

      Hi Dulce. I think there’s still no increase in the entrance fee. But if ever there is, I’m sure it would only be a small amount.

  7. jc


    tanong ko lang po pag hindi po ba delikado bumyahe papunta dun? tska po pag nagcommute po ba hindi po mahirap mag-abang ng bus pauwi? salamat po!

  8. jhuvy wilson

    hi .. your blog site is so informative. we are planning to go there, we are a group of 20 from Cebu, we plan to pass by Simala then to Badian for overnight stay and enjoy the falls the next day. I wonder how to get there in Badian from Simala? do you have any recommendation to where we can stay for the night, we would love to be in the beach after simala and stay for the night. some beachfront accommodation that is money wise for a big group..thanks

    1. Author Post author

      Hi Jhuvy. I’m glad that you’ve found this site informative.
      From Simala, you can ride a bus going to Carcar. Then from Carcar, ride another bus going to Badian and just inform the driver to drop you at Kawasan falls. There are no beach resorts near the falls. But you can stay at Basdaku beach resort in Moalboal. It’s a few minutes (around 30) ride from Kawasan.

    1. Author Post author

      Hi Rona. In front of Matutinao Church, just ride a bus going to Carcar. You can ride buses going to Cebu and just inform the driver to drop you at Carcar. Then from Carcar, ride another bus going to Oslob.

    1. Author Post author

      Hi Julia, I’m not so sure but I think it’s open. Cebu isn’t really affected by the earthquake that much. Everything is back to normal now.

  9. Shiwa


    we are planning to go to kawasan nxt week and after that to oslob for the whale activity. Do you know how to get to Oslob from Kawasan? and how many hours for travel time. Since we will be leaving from South bus terminal @ 9am to Kawasan falls then to Oslob after to spend the night.

  10. joy

    the kawasan is very nice an beutiful we just arrived today but makabuang ang parking fee naa man untah atubanagan sa church ang parkingan wala sguro madutli sa carma imagene 1hundrd kada sakyanan car. Sus mariya.

    1. Author Post author

      Thanks for the input and I’m glad to know that you liked the place. I agree that if you don’t really need your car or if you don’t have lots of things to bring, you can just leave it since the walk going to the falls is really fun and refreshing. πŸ™‚

  11. Janice

    Pls adto lng mo sa pinaka first na waterfall na inyong makit an. Aside sa buotan ang tag iya sa ngprent ug rooms, dili p jud pangwarta ang apas sa tag iya. Mkahangyo hangyo p ka sa prices sa ilang food n lutuon. Ang naa sa next waterfall ky w ayo ang tag iya. Pangwarta r kaau. Dili nice sa ilang customers. We paid 1000 for the room after staying for 30 mins. Then nidagsa ang mga lamok, ngparefund mi ky dili jud mada and dili sad mi nila e transfer ug room. Ang na refund s amo is 250 lng. Bwist jud, COOP mn daw ngpadagn an n room for rent. Gabaan p unta naa r mn n sila kilid sa simbahan gaoperate.

    1. Author Post author

      Thanks for sharing for info Janice. In my experience, visiting the 2nd waterfall was really great. We didn’t rent any room as we just went there as frugal travelers. πŸ™‚

        1. Author Post author

          Hi Joy. Kawasan falls has three levels. Sometimes level 1 can get a bit crowded so you may try going to levels 2 and 3.

      1. lisa

        Thank you. From Simala,my hubby & I alighted at Carcar and tried to catch a ride bound for Badian last Feb. 15. It took almost an hour before a Ceres liner came around but unfortunately, the bus was very full! We decided to cancel our side trip to Kawasan falls because of time constraints but we do hope to see the place soon. By then, we’ll take cebu south terminal as our jumping-of-point to assure a comfy bus ride going there. Thank you for the info again. God bless!

  12. Alex

    Kawasan Falls is a beautiful place that tourists should visit.
    However, be very aware of certain “tour guides” who surround you at the entrance. You do not need a guide, it is not a law that you must use one.
    I hired a tricycle driver in Panagsama Beach to take me there. He suggested I hire a guide otherwise they will get angry with him. When I asked how much a guide should cost, he said 200 pesos. At the falls, I hired a guide but did not arrange a fee before hand, my fault for being there the first time.
    He took me to the top of the third tier and were heading back down to the car park. He then started talking about his fee, mentioning that most foreigners give him about 2,500 or 2,000 pesos! I told him what my tricycle driver had said but he told me that 200 pesos is only to go to the first falls. I noticed we were being followed by 4 of his friends, so I didn’t feel safe and gave him about 500 pesos.
    These greedy fools can only see their evening meal that day. But, if he was an honest man, I would have been happy to return many more times and take other foreigners with me. I have been to Moalboal 5 times since that incident. And I refuse to give one more peso to him or his friends.
    His loss.

    1. Author Post author

      Thanks for sharing. This will serve as a warning to the other tourists. You don’t really need a tour guide since it’s very easy to locate the falls. You just need to follow the trail and you can always ask the locals. When I first went there, I just ignored those people who were insisting to be my tour guide.

    1. Author Post author

      Hi Mark. There’s a parking lot beside Matutinao Church. Vehicles and motorcycles are left there but there’s payment for that.

  13. weng

    we’ve been there in kawasan last dec.2013 and we found it so great.. ang nka bati lang ang mga tawo na tigbira sa pisi sa wooden raft kay mahal kaau bayad.. imagine, 300 pesos each?.. oh my!! unya kay 4 sila kabuok so, 1,200 amo mabayaran.. i thought they’re service are free with the 300 we had paid for the wooden raft…sana, mahatagan ug leksyon ning mga tawhana kay grabe kaau ila pangwarta…

    1. Author Post author

      Thanks for sharing your experience. It’s really sad that people often want to rip money off tourists.

  14. Jen

    Is there any other way to kawasan from simala church aside from going to carcar?will it be better for me to go straight from simala church to kawasan after the 1pm mass or better just have an early trip from basdaku the following day? Ill appreciateyour insight πŸ™‚ (btw,this entry has been very informative for me first timer like me,keep it up!)

    1. Author Post author

      Hi Jen, from what I know, there’s no direct bus from Simala to Kawasan. I think it’s a good idea to have an early trip from Basdaku to Kawasan since Basdaku to Kawasan is only a 30 minute to one hour drive.

  15. Dianne Rosales

    Hi there. Me and my friends are planning a trip to Cebu and Kawasan is one of our destination.

    I just wanna ask po kung if were coming from Cebu City alin po ang mauuna dapat naming destination? is it Kawasan Falls or Oslob for Whaleshark Watching? We only have limited time po kasi so gusto po sana namin ma-maximize yung time.

    Thank. God bless.

    1. Author Post author

      Hi Dianne! I suggest visiting Kawasan first since Oslob is a bit farther. Another place I can suggest in Oslob is Tumalog falls. I hope you’ll have extra time to visit it. πŸ™‚

      Thanks for visiting!

    2. Ricky

      @Dianne. You should go first at Oslob with the whale shark watching as early as 6 in the morning then you can proceed to Kawasan after Oslob.

  16. Andrea

    Hi there! Thank you for this blog. It’s very informative.

    I plan to go to Cebu and stay for 4 days next year and I would like to know you opinion on my itinerary and ask some commuting tips since you seem to know how to get around the areas I plan to go to.

    Please let me know your e-mail so I could contact you there.

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