Lakawon Island Resorts & Spa – Cadiz City, Negros

Philippines is home to beautiful white sand beaches and if you are in Negros, Lakawon Island is is one of the nicest white island beaches that you can visit. It’s a banana-shaped island with a wide stretch of white sand.

Lakawon Island, Cadiz

How to Go to Lakawon Island

From Bacolod North Bus Terminal or Ceres Terminal, take a bus to Cadiz City. Then get off at Martesan Bus & Tricycle terminal. Then ride a tricycle to Barangay Cadiz Viejo & inform the driver that you’re headed to Lakawon Island.

The entrance fee is ₱100 and the boat ride is 180 back and forth. To book a reservation, go to their website for online booking. You’ll need a credit card or paypal account for the online reservation.

TawHai Floating Bar

Lakawon Island is popular and is usually frequented by tourists for its floating bar. The entrance fee to TawHai is ₱250. I’ve read in previous posts that they used to provide free complimentary drinks, but when we went this summer they no longer give out free drinks. It’s best to go to the bar during sunset when the day tourists have already gone home.

Lakawon Island is a nice beach with lots of stunning views but I like it more during sunsets and early in the morning when the day tourists have not yet arrived. It can be crowded especially during peak seasons and summer.

However, staying here can be expensive. They charge 50 pesos per head as corkage fee if you bring your own food & drinks. But in my experience, you can save more if you bring your own food even if there’s a corkage fee. Food here is quite expensive and they only sell small bottled water at 25 pesos. You can save more if you just bring 1L water or more. Even the 250 for the TawHai bar is too expensive for the experience for me.

But even if expensive, Lakawon is still a beautiful island where you can relax and watch the sunset.

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