The Mantayupan Falls of Barili Cebu

Mantayupan Falls

Sometimes, doing the same things every day can be boring; going to work or going to school five days a week. The city life can be really stressful. The good thing here in the Philippines is that we are blessed with great natural resources so we have a lot of places to visit whenever we get bored here.

Just around two hours drive from Cebu City lies the Mantayupan Falls of Barili. The falls is 200 feet high and many people say that the place is better than the more famous Kawasan falls. One advantage of Mantayupan falls over Kawasan falls is it is easier to go to Mantayupan.

The place is also a birds and wildlife sanctuary so I really suggest to nature lovers to visit the place. Aside from the birds, there’s also a monkey named Goy who would greet you. Actually, he immediately posed for a photo when he saw me took my cam from my bag.

Goy, the Monkey at Mantayupan

How much Budget do I Need?

When we decide to visit a place, this is the first thing that comes to our minds. So here’s a list of the rates at Mantayupan falls.

  • Entrance Fee – 10 pesos but only 5 pesos for kids aged 5 year old and below
  • Umbrella with Chairs – 150 pesos
  • Table and Chairs – 140 pesos
  • Raft – 150 pesos per hour

Going to the Falls

Before you get a view fo the falls, you will need to pass by a canopy of trees. One of the exciting activities that you can do there is to ride a raft. By riding a raft, you can get to where the refreshing waters are flowing. It’s also nice to get a view of the bottom of the falls.

There are also rock formations but be sure that you have the right footwear when you go there because those rocks are really slippery.

A Closer View of Mantayupan Falls  Two of the Four Small Falls at Mantayupan

People Having Picnic at Mantayupan Falls  The Tents Beside Mantayupan Falls

I’m Hungry, Where Do I Get Food?

There’s a restaurant at the entrance called the CAMPO Eco Top Grill. They also have a videoke bar which is a good place for those who love singing. But if you want to bring your own food, you are allowed to do so and it’s good so that we can choose our own food and it’s more affordable. But if you don’t want the inconvenience of preparing your own food before traveling then you may just visit the restaurant.

Inside the falls, there’s also an assigned area where you can grill for 20 pesos. Grilled food is best for picnics.

I Want to Stay at Mantayupan Falls a Bit Longer

If you want to stay at Mantayupan falls for a day or more, there are cottages that you can rent for 500 pesos per night. Each cottage is good for two to four persons.

Just like the Windmills of Bangui, Mantayupan falls is not just a tourist spot. It irrigates the ricefields of Barangay Campanga.

If you love water or if you just need refreshment because of the warm weather, Mantayupan falls is a good place for you.

12 thoughts on “The Mantayupan Falls of Barili Cebu

  1. Roger Wellsandt

    Are the Mantayupan falls open or closed? I see conflicting reports. Also are the cottages still available? My fiance’ and I plan to visit there September, Thanking you in advancew for your assistance.


    Mr. Roger Wellsandt

  2. lady jean

    Just want to ask for the sketch. How can we get in Mantayupan Falls if we are in shamrock or the bus station of Barili. Do we need to take cab, tricycle, habal2 or jeepney? Is it far from the lungsod?

    1. Author Post author

      Hi Lady Jean. I haven’t really tried going to Mantayupan falls from Shamrock but it’s one of our bus stops from Cebu. And I see motorcycle drivers (habal-habal) there who look for tourists going to Mantayupan. But I’m not really sure about how much is the fare.

    1. Author Post author

      Hi Koichi. The cottages have mattresses and locks though not all rooms have falls view. It’s also okay if you don’t stay at the falls overnight since it’s just 1.5 hour away from Cebu City.

    1. Author Post author

      Peak season is during summer usually from March to May and on holidays. Lean season is during the rainy season.

    1. Author Post author

      I’m not familiar with all the jeepney codes and routes in Cebu but if you are from Colon, just ride a jeep going to Cebu South Bus Terminal. That’s where you can find buses to Mantayupan Falls.

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