Climb to Mt. Lanaya in Alegria Cebu

Mt. Lanaya in Alegria is one of the scenic climbs you can try in Cebu. It stands at 700 meters above sea level. Mt. Lanaya is both for beginners and experienced climbers because it has two trails: Lumpan & Legaspi. Lumpan trail is the easier one and can be finished in an hour. Legaspi trail is a three to four hour climb with an average of 50-60° angle of ascent.

Mt. Lanaya in Alegria

How to Go to Mt. Lanaya (Lumpan Trail)

From Cebu South Bus Terminal, ride a bus bound for Alegria via Bato, Barili. Then drop off at the town proper. From there, ride a habal-habal to the jump-off point. The motorcycle fare is ₱ 50 per head (one way). Then, there’s an entrance fee of ₱ 100.

In our case, we hired our motorcycle drivers as our guides for the whole trip. And we started at a different jump-off site instead of paying the ₱ 100. Of course, we also gave extra payment to our guides since they accompanied us to the peak.

Although the climb can be completed in an hour, it’s mostly ascent so you still need strength for that. But it’s still very doable for unseasoned climbers like me.

The peak is called the kalo-kalo peak. The view from the top is enormous. A part of it is facing the sea and the clouds made it look more magical. And you also see parts that are covered in lush green trees.

If you have time, try climbing Mt. Lanaya. Aside from getting some exercise, it also gives you the opportunity to see views that only some people get to see.

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