Climbing Mt. Naupa in Naga, Cebu

Mt. Naupa in Naga, Cebu offers an easy yet heart-pumping mountain climbing experience for budding climbers. It’s definitely ideal for beginners and is just a 30 minute to 1 hour drive from Cebu City.

Mt. Naupa Naga, Cebu

How to Go to Mt. Naupa

Mt. Naupa can be reached via public transportation by riding a bus at Cebu South Bus Terminal. Ride any bus, preferably a mini-bus, headed to the South. The fare is around ₱ 20. Then, get off at Brgy. Tungkop. Ride a motorcycle going to Cogon Chapel. There is a fixed tariff of ₱ 50 per head for the motorcycle ride. Before reaching the peak, there’s an entrance fee of ₱ 20 per head.

The start of the trek begins at Cogon Chapel. There are some kids who offer to be guides but you can actually climb Mt. Naupa without a guide since the pathway is already created and there are some residents who you can ask for directions. Although the trail is easy, there are some paths beside a ravine. It’s also mostly ascent but you can reach the peak in one hour.

Breathtaking views await you as you climb up. There are also small stores selling snacks and refreshments.

You can also pitch a tent and stay overnight at Mt. Naupa.

If you need an easy yet challenging climb without traveling far from the City, Mt. Naupa in Naga is a good option for you.

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