People’s Park in Davao City

People's Park in Davao City

People’s Park in Davao City

People’s Park in Davao City is a four hectare wide cultural-theme park featuring a mini-forest, man-made falls, a dancing fountain at night, fish ponds, children’s playground and a giant durian dome. It’s frequently visited not only by tourists but also by students who are practicing for school activities and people who want to be physically fit since the place is large enough for jogging.

And as the name of the park suggests, it’s really for the people since the entrance is free of charge. But still, they inspect those who enter the park to ensure the safety of everyone inside.


People’s Park is located in Camus Street, in front of Casa Leticia Hotel.

Davao City People's Park

Giant Philippine Eagle Statue - People's Park


Giant Statues in People's Park

Trees & Benches in People's Park Davao

Fish Pond People's Park

Man-Made Lake People's Park

Man-Made Waterfalls People's Park

Pine Trees in People's Park

Children's Playground in People's Park

Fountain in People's Park

Durian Dome in People's Park

The park is a 72 million project but it’s really worth it. Locals now have a park where they can relax and at least people know that they’re getting something from the tax that they’re paying. I think all places or cities in the Philippines must have parks that people can use for recreational activities like jogging.

A Dove in Davao

Dove Birds on Tree Branches

People’s Park is clean because there are people who maintain the place and the people there are also more disciplined. There are also lots of dove birds in the park as well as in Davao City. I think they want to turn Davao into a city that’s full of city birds.

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