5 Things to Bring When Traveling to Philippines

What to Bring When Traveling to Philippines

Going on a vacation is meant for relaxing and having quality time. However, encountering stress is hard to avoid when traveling. To minimize stress and to keep traveling as comfortable as possible, careful planning is required.

It’s important to keep toiletries in handy like wet wipes, sanitizing gel and insect repellent. However, you can easily buy all of those in convenient stores. And as much as possible, we want to travel light so we should only bring the things that are really important.

Below are five things that you need to bring when traveling to Philippines:


You need to bring lots of coins in order to avoid the response “We have no change”. Store owners usually refuse to sell to customers if they don’t have change and sometimes they just offer to give you candies as your change. When you ride public vehicles, it’s also expected that you use coins or smaller bills to pay for your fare. So bring coins with you to avoid the dilemma of finding change for your bills while traveling.


The weather in the Philippines is usually hot. And sometimes, the weather abruptly changes from hot to rainy. It’s great to stay in good health while traveling so always bring an umbrella to shield you from the heat or the rain.

Stomach FluĀ Medicine

No one wants to have an upset stomach especially when you’re traveling. So don’t forget to insert some stomach flu medicine inside your travel bag. You’re stomach might not be comfortable eating Filipino food especially when you’re trying some street food. So always be prepared for those unexpected moments.

Light Clothing

Since it’s usually hot in the Philippines, it’s advisable to bring and wear light clothing. You may wear sleeveless and shorts and sandals for your footwear. But don’t forget to also bring long pants and cotton t-shirts if you’re in conservative places especially in Southern Mindanao.

Extra ID’s

As mentioned above, it’s important to always be prepared for unfortunate events especially when you’re traveling to a foreign country. So bring en extra ID like your driver’s license in case you lose your passport. Also keep a copy of the contact number of your country’s embassy. You’d never know when you might need it.

Aside from the things mentioned above, don’t forget to bring happy and positive attitude as well as a small sense of humor. And grab every opportunity to learn new cultures and tradition.

What to Bring When Traveling to Philippines

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