Family Parks

The Philippine Eagle Center in Davao

Philippine Eagle Center in Davao

Philippine Eagle, the country’s national bird, is one of the largest and strongest forest-dwelling birds in the world. Rabbits and monkeys are among their preys and that’s why they’re also called as monkey-eating eagles. Unfortunately, their population dwindled and they’re declared as endangered species due to excessive hunting and declining natural habitat. Thus, the Philippine […]

People’s Park in Davao City

People's Park in Davao City

People’s Park in Davao City is a four hectare wide cultural-theme park featuring a mini-forest, man-made falls, a dancing fountain at night, fish ponds, children’s playground and a giant durian dome. It’s frequently visited not only by tourists but also by students who are practicing for school activities and people who want to be physically […]

Crocodile Park in Davao City

Crocodile Park in Davao

Crocodiles are fascinating monsters that roam in our lands and lurk in our rivers. They are predators and see us as preys or food so it’s really amazing to be just a few feet away from them. In Davao Crocodile Park, you’ll see dozens of these amazing creatures just relaxing beneath the trees or swimming […]

Fort San Pedro – Take a Peek at an Old Spanish Army Camp

Fort San Pedro in Cebu

Fort San Pedro was built by Miguel Lopez de Legaspi on May 8, 1565, 11 days after his arrival. It is the smallest an the oldest tri-baston fort in the Philippines. Today, the fort serves as a park and museum, a unique Cebuano heritage.    The Walls of Fort San Pedro The fort served as […]

Play with the Animals in Baluarte Ilocos Sur Zoological Park

Baluarte Zoological Park

Baluarte is a zoological park and animal sanctuary located Vigan, Ilocos Sur. It is owned by governor of Ilocos Sur, Chavit Singson. One of the best parts of visiting this park is there’s no entrance free. It means you can enjoy the whole Baluarte Park experience for FREE! It is a well-known fact that Gov. […]

Mactan Shrine – The Shrine of Lapu-Lapu

Mactan Shrine

Mactan Shrine is a park located in Punta Engaño, Lapu-Lapu City, Cebu. Lapu-Lapu is named after a hero who defended the said place from Spanish conquerors and the Portuguese explorer Magellan. In the Battle of Mactan on 1521 Datu (Chief) Lapu-Lapu and his men had killed Magellan. A statue of Lapu-lapu is built in Mactan […]